Economic Opportunity

As the owner of one of the fastest growing privately held companies in Central Florida, Tiffany knows that local businesses are the backbone of our economy. She will fight to ensure local small businesses are not burdened by red tape, work to grow our local economy, and make sure everyone has a fair chance to work hard and get ahead.

Reproductive Freedom

Tiffany believes that personal healthcare decisions are best kept between a woman, her family, her doctor, and her faith, not politicians. She will oppose any legislation that restricts a woman’s right to access lifesaving reproductive healthcare and will protect abortion rights in Florida.

Public Education

As the mother of a school-aged child, Tiffany is committed to ensuring every student in Florida has the opportunity to succeed. That means fully funding our local public schools, paying our teachers the salary their profession deserves, and keeping politics and politicians out of the classroom.

Protecting Our Land and Water

We must ensure that Central Florida’s green spaces, lakes, rivers, and springs are respected and protected. Tiffany will work to stop irresponsible developers from illegally paving over our rural boundary and make sure that the costs associated with overdevelopment and increased traffic fall on developers — not the taxpayers.

Housing Affordability

Whether you own or rent your home, you know that Florida is in a housing crisis. Tiffany will fight to lower sky-rocketing property insurance rates, fully fund the state’s affordable housing fund, work to lower rental prices, and provide a pathway to home ownership for hardworking Floridians.

Gun Safety

Tiffany knows we can protect law-abiding citizens’ right to bear arms while also passing common sense gun reform that saves lives and keeps firearms out of the hands of violent criminals. She supports the gun safety laws passed in Florida after the Parkland school shooting including red flag laws and background checks.

Government Spending & Taxes

As a small business owner, Tiffany knows how to keep costs low and maximize resources by cutting wasteful spending. She is against raising taxes on hardworking Floridians and local businesses and will oppose legislation that takes money out of the pockets of the people who need it most.

Job Creation

Every year, Tiffany helps hundreds of hardworking Central Floridians and their families get ahead by connecting them with good paying jobs at local businesses. She will take this expertise to Tallahassee to support local businesses, spur job creation, and ensure that every Floridian has the opportunity to succeed.

Affordable Healthcare

Access to quality, affordable healthcare is essential to leading a happy and healthy life. Tiffany will work to increase access to affordable healthcare through public-private partnerships, expanding medicaid eligibility, and lowering the cost of prescription drug prices.

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